Investing in Real Estate

At inception, McCarthy Rentals has concentrated on leasing specialisation. This has put us at an advantage of establishing which properties are available on the market as well as its rental worth.

We currently provide our clients with the choice to buy a property through us, and if they so desire, assist them in its leasing afterwards. The properties for buy to let range from villas for brief leases, high quality apartments in different regions of the island and smaller apartments also, which can easily fetch a yearly return of up to 12%.

When buying a property via our Buy to Let programme, we provide two years property management at no charge. We offer a ZERO rental commission to the property’s owner for the first 2 years. Contact us for more details about this marvellous offer.

Investing Abroad

Buying property abroad should never involve taking chances; however, you might be aware that Malta is the right place to be. Being a dependable Maltese Real Estate agency, we perform our best to help those looking for a holistic expert real estate service in Malta.

We make sure that purchasers and sellers are both kept up to date with the present market trends and offer updated information and clarity of feedback, to enable the two to make informed decisions. This method has not only been profitable, but has been a vital factor in forging lifetime relationships with our clients.

The international market for real estate changes frequently and in the last number of years, prices have gone down as well as trends in some markets. Due to the Maltese confidence in customs, our market for real estate has not experienced similar negative impacts which other real estate markets in Europe have yielded to.

The Maltese people likes investing in property, and this is a vital component in the strength of the Maltese market. Our purchasing process is easy and direct, and it safeguards the purchaser as well as seller.

Since majority of the Maltese are bilingual, and both Maltese and English are both recognised as official languages for Malta, legal documents may also bein Maltese or English. We may refer you to a lawyer; but, you can also be advised by your own.

Below, kindly find some subjects which may increase your awareness of the Maltese real estate market.

Overall Rates and Processes

After carefully choosing the property and we have helped you in bargaining the price and any special terms negotiated and agreed on, an appointment is fixed for the signing of the Preliminary Agreement which is commonly referred to as the ‘Konvenju.’

This is a contract which binds the buyer and seller to finalize the deal within a certain set date. After the ‘Konvenju’ is signed the buyer makes a payment of 1% provisional stamp duty which is part payment for the total of 5% which is the outstanding balance after the final deed is signed and a deposit agreed. A deposit can range from 5 to 20% however 10% is the most common agreement percentage. In regard to the ones buying their first Maltese property, the stamp duty on the initial €150,000 has been deducted as a onetime government allowance and worked out at 5% on the property’s outstanding balance.

During the course of term of 'Konvenju'

A Notary Public of your choice performs the essential searches to confirm legal title and make sure no property’s outstanding debts, liens, or hypothecs are present. The buyer should fill out all the particular requirements, for instance, arrange for a bank loan, analyse building permits, etc, as agreed with the seller and laid out in the ‘Konvenju.’

The seller will complete each of the special requirements such as finalise the building or completing specific works, etc as agreed with the purchaser and laid out in the ‘Konvenju.’

As a real estate that cares, we will be more than willing to clarify any questions the client may have. We boast great relationships with each of the top banks found on the island and can therefore help you as the client,in arranging appointments with the bank you prefer.

After completion of each of the above by all participating parties, a date is fixed for signing the Final Deed. This will be carried out at the Notary

Public’s office or at the legal offices of the local banks should the client be getting finance.

After the final deed is studied and an agreement reached, the outstanding balances are to be paid accordingly. These are:

  • Balance of seller’s selling price.
  • Balance owed to Commissioner of Inland Revenue.
  • Notary Public’s notary fees.

Purchasing a Property as a Main Residence

Inhabitants of each of the member states of European Union, who have stayed in Malta intermittently for at least five years at any time following the acquisition date, might easily get more than a single fixed property without the need of getting a permit.

EU inhabitants who have not stayed in Malta for a minimum of five years but intend to buy their main house and stay in Malta, do not need a permit (chapter 246), neither do they need a permit to buy fixed property needed for running their business or provision of services.

What we do?

  • We check the most appropriate property depending on the clients’ needs and category, from our wide database.
  • Arrange viewings and carry them out.
  • Monitor and assist the client until selection of the property.
  • Negotiate so as to attain the most ideal market rates and terms of payment.
  • In addition, our office will arrange the preliminary agreement or ‘Konvenju.’ A Notary Public is to be appointed via our office or as selected by the client.