Detailed Guide for Lettings

Renting in Malta Guide

It is very easy to rent property in Malta. Foreigners visiting Malta on a job appointment, to become residents or retire on the island, are able to rent property without limitations.

Rental rates are fair and differ mainly according to location, kind of property, furniture standard and length of tenancy. Normally, rented properties are furnished and include appliances and fittings however it is not uncommon to find a few properties available, which are not furnished.

Usually, rates for electricity, water, internet as well as TV are not incorporated in the rate for rent, if this is long-term (usually specified as six months or longer). These costs are met by the person leasing, on an expenditure basis.

Malta and Gozo provide a wonderful choice of properties for letting, situated through the islands. These are compatible for all budgets, way of life and taste requirements. The Inner Harbor area such as Sliema, Msida and St Julian’s are particularly popular for people intending to work in Malta.

The ones who like being away from the hustle and bustle of the city will find western, southern and inland Malta more suitable; such regions provide a lifestyle which is more relaxed and a more realistic island feel. Gozo also provides properties, well known for short holiday breaks as well as a sought after destination for retirement.

Amenities and Facilities in Malta

All Maltese towns are well equipped with each of the basics for everyday living, providing a variety of mini markets, department stores, shopping centers, clinics, etc. The islands also have a vibrant nightlife and many beaches.

In regard to properties, these vary from usual apartments to townhomes as well as houses of quality like villas and bungalows with huge pools and gardens. No specific costs are available, related to property letting apart from estate agents’ rates that usually total to 50% of a months’ rent, plus VAT. It is normal to lodge an amount equal to a single month’s rent with the person letting, as deposit against pending bills and breakages. The deposit is returned to the lessee when the lease is terminated or offset against any outstanding bills or inventory damages, as conceded between these two parties.

Guidelines for Letting

Our lettings team provides top quality properties to astute clients, such as the latest sea front penthouses and lovely conventional Palazzos. This team is skilled and offers a customized service created to turn the process of searching for a home and renting as easy as possible.

Express your Interest

The initial step in getting the appropriate property is to get in touch with us by calling, emailing or visiting our offices.

Getting the Appropriate Property

After we have a good picture of what your needs are, we will show you a choice of properties which are suitable to your category. In a rental market that moves fast, we are able to also keep you updated regularly through email, facebook posts as well as email mail outs when the newest properties are accessible.

Think of a supervised property

Tenants increasingly demand to rent properties which are completely supervised, for total peace of mind. Renting a supervised property presents the advantage of a committed Property Manager taking care of your every day issues, urgent contact information in case of a problem coming up and the guarantee that your property is totally compliant with each of the security rules.

The answer to triumphant viewings

We are available at the times which are suitable for you. This is convenient for after work viewing, during weekends and bank holidays. We advise early viewing so as to attain a property. We may also offer you transport to your viewings, to make sure that you get there in a rested frame of mind. We will be available all through in order to provide answers for any queries instantly and offer advice where required.


Once you have chosen your ideal property, after successfully negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract, we will arrange the following.

  • Organise for the Tenancy Agreement to be signed
  • Collect the first month’s rent and deposit and hand over to owner.
  • Collect our agency fees due

Moving in

Upon finalization, the owner will present you with one or multiple sets of keys. If your property is supervised, we will give you the contact information of your Property Manager.

It is necessary to EssaySpirit make sure that you will be receiving the papers that you ordered.