Making Investments in Malta

McCarthy Rentals investingThere is a lot to be found in Malta & Gozo, hence the reason real estate in Malta is very secure and indicates steadfast development all through. Top class properties are experiencing development which is higher than normal.

Our Sales Associates will direct you towards the most ideal purchasing choices, according to the chief aim of your purchase. This will facilitate you being able to reach an informed decision to buy a second home, lease property or your main home in Malta or Gozo.

Why Buying Property, Malta is Your Best Option

A Strong Investment

Malta is among the European countries whose market for real estate has barely been impacted by the Global Financial Crisis. Strong banking principles and conventional beliefs of the entire Maltese public of making investments in buildings, has been a huge element which has led to this. This is the reason Maltese real estate market was not affected by the collapse of some years ago.

Accessibility to Properties

You might desire to buy or lease real estate in Malta and Gozo; the wonderful news is that the market presents a huge choice of properties which will suit anyone’s requirements and budget. The price of property depends on the area and kind of property. Our website for Maltese real estate provides one with a huge choice for comparing prices.

Become a Tenant

The Global Residence Programme launch presents economic advantages which are vital if one is considering shifting to Malta. Currently, it is provided for Non-European Nationals; but, by the end of the year it will be presented by the Maltese State. It is a requirement that to be a resident in Malta, the applicant either makes an investment in real estate in Malta or Gozo or leases a property on the Maltese Islands.

The reason to become a Resident

Among the main benefits is that apart from the applicant benefitting from the chance to reside on the Islands, he or she might make an application for a 15% special tax status. This is worked out on the income obtained in Malta, where a €15,000 remittance exists for minimum threshold. Consult an Authorized Registered Accountant about the criteria and legalities to know the schemes you can access.


The Mediterranean summers which are hot and dry, warm autumns which are at times dry as well as short and cool winters, are extremely appealing to people residing in wet climates. A lot of people love Malta due to its lovely beaches which are in their home’s vicinity. The entertainment sections and culinary culture are within easy access as well.


Malta presents hotels of top notch standard that might finally provide accommodation to your friends who may desire to pay you a visit. The Maltese individuals are extremely friendly and speak English fluently.

Some Wonderful Reasons to Choose Malta

  • Sunshine which is available for more than 300 days each year.
  • Friendly people who speak English making residing in Malta and carrying out business very easy.
  • Diving and sailing in Malta is rated as among the most sought after globally.
  • Serene Surroundings which are secure with minimal crime and high living standards.

Tax Benefits

Malta is a wonderful place for retirement, whatever the age. This led to the latest launch of Malta Retirement Programme. This meets the needs of a lot of EEA, EU or Swiss nationals whose major income is generated from retirement schemes, pensions and temporary or lifetime annuities. Specific conditions subject to this scheme, are easily available when requested for.

Highly Qualified Professionalism

The 2011 rules of Highly Qualified Persons enables people working for an ‘eligible office’ who get income here, to qualify for a standard rate of 15% on their income from employment, rather than the 35% progressive tax rate.

The concept behind these regulations is to appeal to expatriates working in specialized industries to move to Malta and go on raising the attraction of Malta as a centre which provides services of excellence.