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Do you want us to take care of your property while abroad and assist you to generate an income on your assets?

Do you require help in the supervision, sustenance and logistics involved in dealing with a number of tenants?

Do you find it overwhelming to take care of your condominium? Whatever the needs of your property, we are able to assist.

Our team at McCarthy Rentals offers a successful technique in regard to skill, repute and brilliance, which surpasses anticipations.

Jointly, projects and clients are handed over to us; these vary from property developments to private vacation apartments.

At McCarthy Rentals, we are able to offer you a customized answer to your issue to cater for your particular needs and budget. The services we offer accommodates properties of all sizes and requirements.

Are you in need of our help?

It is simple to generate income on your space!

Individual Homes and Vacation Rentals

A team of leasing consultants and property managers support us and we are able to help you enjoy your investments’ benefits.

When you are not available, we will take care of your property as follows:

  • Manage property’s leasing or bookings.
  • Organise collection of visitors and any other needs.
  • Perform any necessary repairs.
  • Carry out inspections of the property, its fittings, furniture and electronic equipment regularly, both when occupied or leased. (A comprehensive inventory report is provided to the owner.)
  • Handle bills and insurance.
  • Liaise with the neighborhood association on the client’s behalf.
  • Present cleaning services for the property when requested.
  • Handle any security matters arising.
  • If needed, provide a postal address for utility bills.

All you need to do is make a request and we will handle it for you. All this is for a tiny part of your rental income or a yearly fee which is set; whatever is compatible for your budget.

It should not be stressing to share space with other people.

Services for Condominium Management

We have the skills as well as team to help you in each of your requirements such as:

  • Overall maintenance.
  • Meetings for tenants.
  • Being up to date and solving disagreements.
  • Supervising work and a lot more.

When space is shared with other people, this should not be stressing when the appropriate team manages it.

Forming the ideal Space

Project Managment

McCarthy Rentals are specialists in project management also, in work which clients need. Whether this is structural work, design, furnishing rooms or properties, supervision and maintenance also, which may be needed on commercial and residential property.

Interceding between service providers and owner makes this procedure possible. When skills, expertise and team are available, this will make sure the project is effectively managed and carried out.

We Will form Space for You

The answer is easy… Get in touch with us to talk about your requirements; we will offer you the most ideal Management strategy.

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Malta's Property Management Services

Not sacrificing enough time to handle your rental properties can cause stress. Our professionals in Property Management at McCarthy Rentals can do precisely this; it not only saves you time, but money as well.

More Services Offered by McCarthy Rentals

The services we provide are inclusive of:

  • Maintaining all past records such as paid invoices, warranties, leases, etc.
  • Present yearly reports, structured for the purpose of tax and tax documents required.
  • Give the owner suggestions on important tax deductions connected to their rental property.

In addition, we will help in leasing out your property quickly and regularly communicate with the tenants to ensure that everyone is happy.

How is a Property Management company helpful to Landlords?

A vital decision one reaches as a landlord is whether or not to engage the services of a firm for property management. A lot of landlords choose to personally manage properties; however, at times landlords need extra assistance and this is the time a firm for property management comes in handy for rental properties.

However, do you always require one?

Check the points discussed underneath to check if engaging a firm for property management is the appropriate step for you.

What is the Work of a Property Management Firm?

Management firms communicate with tenants and potentials directly, which spares you from concern and saves you time in regard to promoting your rentals, picking rent, taking care of sustenance and repair matters, providing solutions for tenants’ grievances and even following up on evictions.

In addition, a great management firm implements its knowledge and skills to your property, providing you with the satisfaction of being aware that your investment is in capable hands.

What Circumstances should make you engage the Services of a Property Management Firm?

There are a lot of benefits of engaging a property management firm; however, you should get one which is affordable.

You need to think of hiring a property management firm if:

  • You posses more than one rental Property
    You will gain more advantage from a management firm if you have numerous rental properties.

  • You reside far From Your Rental Property
    If your property to let is situated a distance from your residence, it may be crucial to hire a property management firm to handle the numerous matters you will be unable to handle from a distance.
  • Hands-on Management is not your Forte
    A lot of landlords anticipate the challenge of getting great tenants and the benefits of personally maintaining a property which is appealing and safe. However, if you look at possession of rental property just as an investment and desire to be minimally involved or not involved at all in the everyday administration of your properties, think of engaging assistance for the management of your property.
  • You Do not Have Sufficient Time
    You might derive pleasure from managing personally; however, you might not have sufficient time to invest in your business, particularly if land-lording is not your day occupation.
  • You lack management time or are not interested in maintenance work involved in rental properties.

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